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A bright pink Amsterdam Social Experiment

Social Experiment by A-Town Agency | Wave if you made it safe Amsterdam

"Wave if you made it safe" The Social Experiment

How to change human behaviour and raise awareness with some bright pink signs and a kind message

Some of the deliverables for this project are in Dutch


In March of 2018 we were challenged to put together a Social Experiment. Our design challenge was to organize an intervention that would result into a positive change in human behaviour. We picked out a street in Amsterdam with a somewhat dangerous traffic situation in it. We had three hours to find a problem, work out a solution, test it out and document the process.


We chose the Kinkerstraat, a busy street in Amsterdam West where pedestrians have to cross over several lanes of traffic, under which cars, cyclists ánd public transport. We couldn't change traffic, so we had to change human behaviour by trying to make people more aware of their surroundings and more careful when crossing the street. We did this by grabbing their attention with bright pink signs and a kind message, at a safe place and the right time. We made a timelapse of the street before and after our Social Experiment to see if our concept would work. After reviewing our timelapse of the location, we determined that people get distracted easily by (you might have guessed it) mostly mobile phones. So, we figured out the best place to draw their attention elsewhere without making the situation even more dangerous, and hung up our bright pink message saying 'we're watching your back, but please be careful when crossing the street' and 'wave if you made it safe!'.


'Wave if you made it safe' became something we'd describe as a creative but not too serious solution. The signs worked in a way, because after reading them, people started looking around to see who exactly was supposed to watch their back. Of course, they'd find us hanging out of a window with a camera, waving back like crazy, which led to quite some smiles, and hopefully some awareness. We had great fun that day, this project could have been executed a lot better, but let's not forget 3 hours is quite a short period of time.

Wave if you made it safe: The only case video ever put together in under 15 minutes

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