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Social Media Management

About Social Media Management

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to run a business without the use of Social Media. Whether you own a restaurant, a construction work company or a clothing store, you’re bound to use Social Media to be found by potential customers. As a hard working entrepeneur, it’s not that easy to find the time to keep up with the latest Social trends and maintain several online channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, for your business. In lots of cases, there’s a Marketing & Communications Manager present that handles these kind of tasks together with a Designer, but if you’re looking for a temporarily solution or just outsourcing, you can reach out to us and together we can create a custom Social Media plan.

Social Media Management | by A-Town Agency

About online content

All images, captions, deals and discounts, and everything else you can think of that people can share online, is called content. To make great content, you generally need someone who keeps track of the latest trends in your industry and knows how to come up with relevant content ideas. You then need someone who can shoot photos and videos of your products, shop or events. Then another someone who can design your posts. And finally someone who writes suitable copy for each individual post and knows how to push the necessary ads. A-Town Agency has all these experts working together under one roof to rock your Social Media Management for you. And you? You will only have to deal with your personal contact at A-Town. Probably Abigaél or Anouk.


Passion and experience

A-Town Agency is a collective of creative freelancers with each their own background, interests and field of expertise. Whether it is the personal approach you’re looking for; A young yet experienced team, or just a diverse group of fun and thoughtful creatives to outsource your Social Media Management to, A-Town Agency is your team. We have managed the Social accounts of several nightclubs, restaurants, ticketeers, shops and even a study society. No challenge is too big for us, because passion is what moves us and keeps us creative throughout the process of creating content, keeping track of the latest trends and of course, the actual Social Media content production and distribution.


Get started today 
This is how it works

Every case is different, but an example could be that you have just started building your business and you need someone to make sure that you’re easily to be found on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Together we determine who your ideal client or visitor is; Wether or not you would like to start advertising online; And how you would like to be described by your audience.

We will then continue to the next step, which is creating the right content. We’ll shoot photos and/or videos; Make flyers, banners and other (online) content, and schedule posts for the exact moment your target audience appears online and starts scrolling. We measure the success of every post, and report back to you what it is that works well and what doesn’t. We can also help you come up with creative campaigns to attract your audience even more.

We can hear you thinking… What does it cost? Our answer: Not more than necessary. Just like with website pricing, it is nearly impossible to name a fixed price upfront. If you have budget in mind, just reach out and let us know, we will send you a suitable proposal. 


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