Find a selection of our projects below, including Brand Identity Design and Web Design projects. Our portfolio features both commissioned and uncommissioned projects. We are continuously updating our portfolio with recent work, so check back soon for new examples of our latest projects.

Actuals IO

Brand Manual & Templates for Financial Data Platform

We created a comprehensive brand manual and set of digital templates for Actuals IO that deliver clear communication and maintain brand consistency across all platforms.

The Poké Maniacs

Content Creation & Brand Awareness Campaigns

We revamped The Poké Maniacs’ brand and digital presence to increase their visibility and customer engagement, leading to a noticeable boost in traffic, sales and even te opening of two new franchise restaurants.

Hair by Cher

Logo Re-design and branded materials for hairdresser Cher

We updated Hair By Cher’s logo and enhanced their digital content and print materials to align with a modern yet timeless aesthetic, significantly improving their online interaction.


Burnout prevention app for students

How we researched, designed, and tested a burnout prevention app for students. Apphy sends a daily challenge that’ll boost happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.


Brand Identity & Web Design for high-end resort in Dubai

We developed a clean brand identity and web design for BLU Oasis, focusing on user-friendly design of e.g. the highly important booking flow that reflects their service offerings.

IAM Envious / Bacardi Legacy

Logo Re-design and branded materials for hairdresser Cher

Discover how we helped Raysa Straal win the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in The Netherlands with a campaign website and several materials to help her create awareness for her entry. 

Website IAM ENVIOUS by A-Town Agency | Social Media Management

IAM Envious / Bacardi Legacy

Logo Design & Stylesheet for swimwear brand

We designed a compact brand identity for Bayshorts, digitizing their unique concept of waterproof swimwear.

BLU Holidays

Web Design for brand new traveling agency

We were challenged to map out and design a user-friendly booking experience for BLU Holidays, focussing on simplicity and making it easier for travelers to plan their luxury vacations.

BLU Holidays Web Design A-Town Agency

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